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Hello! My name is Tatyana and I am glad to see you on my website parasite.htgetrid.com/en/.

It has gathered a lot of information about all types of parasites.

As well as methods for their destruction, starting from the classic recipes of our ancestors and ending with the latest scientific developments.

Here you will find information on how to deal with the following pests:


  • the mouse
  • rats
  • moles

They are the most dangerous pests due to the fact that they carry many life-threatening diseases.


  • bedbugs
  • ants
  • cockroaches
  • fleas
  • mole
  • ticks
  • wasps
  • mosquitoes
  • flies.

The harm from them is not only products and things, but also human health. When bitten or as a result of their life activity, they transmit many infectious diseases, viruses, cause an allergic reaction, negatively affect the general condition of the human body.

Despite being 21st century outside, we are still dependent on the graces of nature. A person, even in urban conditions, interacts with animals, walks in parks and spends a weekend in the forest.

For example, an insect such as a bug does not depend on the cleanliness and regularity of cleaning indoors. He can cling to the folds of clothes, crawl into a bag, even when buying new furniture, you can bring him into the house and trite to run away from neighbors.

Methods of dealing with them are quite diverse. But before you start a fight with them, this applies to all parasites, you need to clean up the space as much as possible. Put food in the refrigerator, wash and hide the laundry, pack small items so that later there is less work to wash, clean the carpets on the street, move the furniture away from the walls for convenient application of disinfectants.

At home, you can cook folk remedies. Bedbugs will help get rid of tincture of valerian, a mixture of kerosene with turpentine, tobacco, soap solution and ammonia. Boric acid will save from cockroaches. Fleas are afraid of garlic, herbal mixtures, brewer's yeast, baking soda and coniferous shavings. Ants will leave your house because of medicinal chamomile or meat bait.

Today, on the shelves of stores there are many chemicals to combat parasites. To do this, you just need to carefully read the instructions on the package before use.

If you could not get rid of the parasites yourself, do not despair. For such cases, there are companies engaged in pest control.

From all that has been said, it should be concluded that the fight against parasites is a rather laborious task. For you, we have collected a large enough amount of information so that you have knowledge in your difficult business.

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